Our mission is simple: encourage and support more African companies to go pan- African; to cross borders; and by so doing help accelerate regional integration.

The emergence of pan-African multinationals is one of the great African stories of the past decade. The Djondo Fellowship has been built to help sustain that momentum.

It is a prestigious management fellowship for Africa’s most ambitious companies set up to support African companies to profitably expand beyond their domestic economies and become multinational champions of African integration.

Through a combination of management training, mentoring and technical support, we encourage African companies to start profitable pan-African projects and expand existing ones.


The Djondo Fellowship has undertaken extensive research and conducted consultations with executives, investors, scholars and consultants to identify the key needs of fellows. These include technical knowledge, cross-border expansion planning, entry support and financing cross-border expansions.

By weaving Gervais Djondo’s principles of integration and pan-Africanism through each segment of the bespoke program we have developed, fellows will be furnished with both the wisdom and the attitude to build Africa’s future multinationals.

Executive Training and Mentoring

Experienced experts will help executives fully understand the dynamics of multinational management in Africa in order to prepare them for the challenges of entering other markets.

Cross-Border Strategic Support and Facilitation

By leveraging our ecosystem, companies launching cross-border projects can access the necessary assistance, funding and networks to develop strategic plans, and market entry support services.

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

By tapping the Fellowship’s networks, we will advocate for improved public policies to break barriers that hinder cross-border business activities on the African continent.

To support the advocacy process, the fellowship will commission special case studies and thought leadership efforts to shed light on the positive impact of cross-border businesses as well as critical policy gaps that require action by governments and regional bodies.