The ambition of any business is to grow. But expanding a business across Africa is one of the most difficult things to succeed at.

The Djondo Fellowship tackles business challenges that face all ambitious African companies. It brings together local business leaders to learn through an intelligent and relevant program from experienced professionals. Africa’s business success stories all have one thing in common – their ability to cross borders. It’s a challenge, but it can be done and done well as the continent’s new multinationals such as MTN, UBA, Ecobank, Ethiopian Airlines and Shoprite have all shown.

The Djondo Fellowship is founded on a simple premise: to use the principles of integration and pan-Africanism to replicate the success stories of the continent’s most powerful companies.


Based on research and consultations with executives, investors, scholars and consultants, we identified four main needs of African companies seeking to cross borders. The fellowship program has then been structured around helping companies tackle these issues.

Technical Knowledge & Mentoring

Carefully researched case studies and technical training on cross-border business management, specially tailored for African managers is non-existent or extremely hard to access.

There are also insufficient mentorship opportunities for up-and-coming business leaders with cross-border ambitions to learn from the practical experiences of successful Pan-African business leaders.

Cross-Border Planning

Planning a successful cross-border project is technical, difficult and critical. Success depends on getting the plan and new market entry navigation right and typically companies don’t know where to start.

Entry Support

Companies face steep and costly barriers to accessing the relevant networks, talent, partnerships and communications needed to enter new markets and understand different cultures.

Financing Expansion

In the African context, cross-border projects tend to come with higher costs of capital because the risks to cross-boarder expansion are so much higher.